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i don't know what people happen ,but I'm buying cell phone form , the product worth it , what do you want? low price and you want real iPhone ,god please !

so I'm glad ,and not blame anybody !

did anyone stop to think that maybe all the ELECTRONICS you have received are damaged because they are shipping all the way from china? you can imagine how beaten and smashed up they can get just in the long delivery process from being piled on and thrown around

generally are shipped by boat and i'm sure the people working on them don't get two *** that your computer tablet says "fragile" all over it.

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San Francisco, California, United States #628025

everbiying is an very useful site,i agree with you ,i used buy an android cellphone in everbuying, it is worth to buy again. :grin :grin :grin

Paris, Michigan, United States #628017

I have recently purchased an item through like this site.. :grin :grin :grin

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