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I ordered (what appeared to be) a nicely equipped e-tablet from EverBuying.com. It listed at $223.06, Insurance: $5.46, and Fast Freight: $10.21. Total: $238.73. A couple weeks later, it finally arrived and right out of the box it is dead in the water. I can tell it "turned on", but no video display. Their tech support was no help and after a number of days getting the run-a-round, I was fed up and simply wanted to return it for a full refund.

After another week of various emails to attempt this, they pointed me to DavisMicro.com to get my refund. After another week or so, DavisMicro informed me they would only refund $170 as they don't reimburse for shipping (I was told "$50+ dollars for shipping was built into the advertised price"). For weeks I went round and round with them on this but to no avail.

Although they did reimburse a fraction of what I paid, I still lost over $60, not to mention the return shipping I had to pay before finding out they would not refund the full amount.

I then provided an honest review of the product (and what I went through with the company) and, no surprise here, they never posted it.

Please find another source to do your business with... They are AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL.


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San Leandro, California, United States #933513

I'm going through my bank statements and up pops a charge for $70.73 to Globalgrow Dec 16,2014.I never purchased or authorized a purchase from this company.

I went to the website and nothing comes up.

It gives a email address of support@globalgrow.com The email provided a receipt no and a Invoice ID.It then associated the order with PayPal but gave no indication as to what was "alledgedly" purchased!

BEWARE of this site..they are fraudulently making charges on your credit card!!!!!!!!

I am contacting my credit card company for a full refund!


I wish i read this before buying from them.I bought a tablet for my son $72 and when we received package and it was like Christmas morning for my 6 yr old on a summer afternoon.

So we got the tablet, charged it, followed direction. Green light came on so we are ready to turn it on, we turned it on and the screen was blank and it was black and gray with picture but it looked like it was cracked from the inside! So sad to see the look on my son's face from happy to sad! So i contact them and they said, to send it back and they'll send me a new one, but i was not to send it with US post office or UPS, or FEDex, but only DHL???!

so i check out DHL's prices and to send back tablet were to cost me almost $80 WTH?! So i contact them that its too pricey to send back if i can send it back US Postal which is a bit cheaper for me, because its their fault for sending me a tablet that is not working! And they told me if you want to fix it yourself, they'll refund me $13 to fix it, i'm like this is AMERICA, you can't a *** tablet case for that! So they offered to send me a new tablet, but i have to pay an extra $55 on top of the $72 of my money that they still have!

WTF?! If i wanted to spend $127 i would of bought an emerson or Panasonic tablet or a nabi jr tablet for my son looong ago! This is what i get for buying international! And still customer service people are still trying to work something out with me!

Can't they understand, I JUST WANT MY $$$ BACK!:( :( :upset :eek :cry :upset :( :(

to UnHappy #722581

now...DHL for a junior box package is $110+ :sigh eFF, NO in *** i'm paying that! :(





Jasper, Indiana, United States #626270

Ordered items in January of 2013.Waited patienly for 2 months, then contacted them.

After getting the run around saying please wait for a totla of 3 months before getting excited, then telling me to check my post office. I was fed up. Wanted my full refund and they denied me my money. This company is a SCAM.

They either get you to pay extra for shipping insurance or they scam you buy not even sending out the item and tell you that you didnt have insurance so there is nothing they can do.STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!

New York City, New York, United States #612267

I don't know whether you said is true or not, but I also buy Kirra Womens Lace Dress from everbuying, and I love that it's somewhat open back.I usually have problems finding dresses due to my height, but I found this dress was still long enough for me to wear.

The only thing different about this in person is it is a little darker than pictured.So I think there are some good enough products on the low price if you are good at shopping online.

Augusta, Maine, United States #590326

They are horrible.I ordered an MP3 Player from them, and it was fine, and then I ordered another one but with more options like an HDMI out and 1080P recording.

Well when that arrived it was non working and one of the buttons was stuck. Sent it back and they confused the order and sent me another standard MP3 player. I spent a month trying to show them their error... they don't care.

Do not buy from them, and spread the word. By the by...

there are several companies connected to Everybuying.com.Check before you buy from them.


I purchased items from here recently that are not working.I submitted a return request to send the product back.

2 weeks and more than 10 email responses back and forth, and they still won't take them back! They keep telling me I'm not working the product correctly. I ordered 20 of these phone chargers as gifts. The customer service response to me when I requested a return was '"I find it hard to believe all the items aren't working." Well 10 out of the 20 didn't work and I can't risk the rest since they are gifts.

So far...I'm still out of money.Terrible!


anybody have their number i wanna call then so bad please help


Thanks for posting your complaints.I was just looking at the Everbuying site.

I was looking for a good priced tablet and happened to look at Craigslist.Everbuying had an ad on Craigslist for my area and they are supposedly overseas.

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